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Shriram Life Insurance Company Limited commenced operations in 2006 following its incorporation in 2005 as a joint venture between Sanlam Group – a life insurance company based out of South Africa,
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Shriram Life Insurance Company Limited commenced operations in 2006 following its incorporation in 2005 as a joint venture between Sanlam Group – a life insurance company based out of South Africa, and the Shriram Group – an Indian conglomerate with as many as 25 companies. Shriram Life Insurance Company Limited holds the distinction for being the only private life insurance provider to record profits in its first three years of business, and in comparison with industry peers following ten years in the business,Shriram Life Insurance has come to be known as India’s most profitable life insurer.

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Shriram Life Insurance Company Limited has grown tremendously in recent years, and currently boasts over 630 branches in addition to more than 75,000 insurance agents across the country. The company has an impressive portfolio of insurance plans to ensure that the needs and requirements of a diverse customer base are met. Shriram Life Insurance Company Limited concentrates primarily on the economically weaker sections of society and rural markets, thereby generating in excess of 40% of its business via these segments.

Child Life insurance plans are need based insurance cover primed for achieving the financial goals and ambitions of children post maturity. This could be for any financial objective such as higher education, marriage.

Shriram Group Life InsurancePlans:

To strengthen the relationship of Employer and employee and other groups with members under same set of contract, Shriram Group Life Insurance Plans are best suited product.The group insurance is most cases are a part of employee benefit package, wherein the major chunk of premium is paid by the employer or company.

  • Eligibility of group plans
  • Employer- Employee Group
  • Creditor- Bedtor Groups
  • Professional Groups
  • Miscellaneous Groups such as SHC etc.

Life insurance is a sector that is highly in demand in India. We stay in exciting times – interesting yet volatile! In such instances, wherein there are not any surety of life, life coverage is the simplest warranty that you need to defend yourself and your loved ones against the unknown and the unexpected incidents. Insurance is basically a connection between the insured and the insurer. The insured pays the insurer a sure amount of money at constant intervals as a premium in lieu of the insurer, which can pay a positive sum assured when people need it and at the demise of the insured.

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When it comes to life insurance, Shriram life insurance is something that you can blindly trust. This company is into the same business from many years and offers a wide range of effective plans. The life insurance company has seen a paradigm shift. Today, coverage isn’t just a form of safety against the premature and unfortunate incidents of life, but also a form of funding in the equity market. The entire idea has modified with an increasing number of non-public corporations leaping headlong into this area. Gone are the times wherein people went in for government companies and played it safe. The risk urge has expanded and for this reason,Unit-Linked Insurance Plans or ULIPs are ruling the roost. These ULIPs invest the insurer’s cash in the market and not simply in life coverage thereby making your financial savings develop drastically. Life Insurance Policies allow you to secure your life and achieve financial goals easily. It will assist at each important stage of life when you need it most.

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Buy life insurance plans online to keep your family financially secure from unforeseen circumstances. It will help you in saving your time and money as well.

Shriram Life – Online Term Plan

This online term plan is designed to understand and address your future needs. It enhanced protection using the 3 options for comprehensive cover.

Shriram Life Assured Income Plus

Shriram Life Assured Income Plus is a non-linked non-participating endowment assurance plan. This plan caters to customers who wish to invest only for a minimum fixed duration and reap predetermined annual benefits even after maturity.

Shriram Life – Genius Assured Benefit Plan

Shriram Life Genius Assured Benefit Plan is an endowment plan, designed to provide guaranteed financial assistance to your family and support your child’s education in the unfortunate event of your death or on maturity. It can be broadly classified as a child plan.

Shriram Life – Comprehensive Cancer Care Plan

Shriram Life Comprehensive Cancer Care Plan is a non-linked insurance plan. As one of the best cancer insurance plans in India, it provides benefits on diagnosis and during its treatment in both initial and critical stages.

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In the past, human beings might go in for traditional coverage policies which had been normally termed policy or endowment policies. The sum assured in these coverage plans is guaranteed and pre-decided. Those plans often gave the insured coverage for life, health and from time to time-related to the life-long pension paying scheme. However, despite the fact that these vintage plans provide a safety net, they’re outdated because of the spiraling fee of residing. They do not yield excessive returns and the premium paying time period is alternatively long. Again in the past, the more youthful era became not as privy to the want of insuring oneself. Nowadays, not only are we curious about coverage, we have learned that investing and insurance can happen at the same time and with anequal amount of cash.

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