What is Procedure to Re-Set a Brother printer factory ? (Lights and Drum)

November 30, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Brother Printer

For those who have connected with printers HL-2240, HL-2230, HL-2270DW, as well as HL-2280DW desktop printer or inkjet printer to your pc as well as Mac pc you’ll no doubt on occasion get a toner error lighting as well as drum error or even only your error lighting illuminate.   At some time this kind of only seams to become the device received it completely wrong in addition to at some point it includes upwards any tuner error lighting as well as drum error though there is certainly still toner quit as well as your drum is still inside up to scratch ailment to keep making.Brother-HL-4570CDW


This is just how to get rid of ALMOST ANY error lighting on the close Brother Printer HL-2240, HL-2230, HL-2270DW, as well as HL-2280DW desktop inkjet printer by means of carrying out any factory reset.  You should be aware in which their may fully reset you inkjet printer. Find here if you get rid of the toner error lighting with a laser printer.

It’s not any software solution, It’s a manual activities so It’s functions work with windows 7, XP, Window 8 and Window 10 as well functions with Linux and OS.


Know Steps by Steps how Factory reset of Brother Laser Printer:

First Step        : Turn off brother printer.
Second Step   : Press and hold down the go button.
Third Step       : Continue with Go button still held, turn on it back on again.
Fourth Step    : When the three lights light up, release the button
Fifth Step       :  Press the go button TEN times.
Wait until the ready light is lit.

Brother Printer Factory should be reset now and Every one of the error lights (toner, drum and also error) must have ended Blinking .

Note :

You must reboot the printer before the print or  when you get executed some sort of factory reset, your laptop may well not understand this printer. You might need to uninstall present printer driver and do the installation all over again through System setting (Mac) or Control Panel (PC).


This may also work on similar other printers although I haven’t fully tested it. It should help for other Brother Printer Series:

Brother HL-2240
Brother HL-2230
Brother HL-2270DW
Brother HL-2280DW